Laughing and talking

DancingĀ and rocking

Spade games alone

For no one elseĀ is home

But I with a pipe, remote and a light

Television is my friend and always til’ the end

The best thing I’ve known that keeps me laughin’

The radio is my comfort; It speaks a sweet song

My refrigerator is calling for me to come on

Eating my sorrows along with my fruit

Dancing to tunes that dig deep in my roots

I hear many voices that are from deep within

Or is it the TV that I left on again?

It could be the radio; I love every song

It’s time to relax this has been all day long

Morning will come and work will be

until then my friends…

Am I okay with lonely?

Love is a beautiful thing

Deep within I want to sing

My heart rejoices to a song

A deep note that lasts so long

I cry when I think about me and you

My tears are strong like strength of a mule

When you tell me you love me; I want no more

I feel like your waiting for me to open the door

And when I answer I see someone there

It is an image of a man with a stare

He looks inside of me and smiles with the light

He tells me he wants me; he tells me alright

I no longer have that same fear as before

I no longer want to hold back love from yours

So now the time has come for me to lay down and sleep

No longer waiting for this love is deep


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